Specialist Skills to Detect Deter and Defeat Fraud

    Security Assurance and Risk Reviews

    The strength of AI lies in it’s people, process and the outcomes these achieve.

  • What Is Armour Intelligence?


    • AI is a company that specializes in the Detection and Deterrence of fraudulent activity.
    • AI detection capabilities and professionalism have led clients to engage AI to collect unpaid balances.
    • AI has since established itself as a provider of Security Assurance and Risk Reviews.
    • Our unique approach uses the unparalleled skills, expertise and approach of our military specialists, all of whom are vastly experienced in investigative work.
    • Our network is spread nationally, and growing, without dilution of our service and quality levels.


    • AI has a proven track record in investigations work, both complex and ‘straightforward’ work, having undertaken significant assignments for both the UK Government and major UK insurers.
    • In insurance claims work, AI has found resolution in over 85% of all cases it has handled, resulting in early resolution and recommendation to the insurer.
    • In the Assurance field AI has ensured a risk free environment for major clients over the Olympic Games and beyond.