Security Assurance

Case Study


Our Client, a national provider in the Transport Sector, required assistance during the Olympics and Paralympics to verify the capability of those firms to whom they had contracted some of their security. AI was tasked at very short notice to check on the Staff provided, their training, their way of working, and in particular their ability to follow the necessary protocols and communicate clearly with the general public, who were using the at risk facilities in unparalleled numbers this summer.


Security Assurance teams were formed from our own staff, reinforced by superbly qualified associates from around the country. These teams visited and checked at sites every day, at specified and random times. Their interviews and observations were backed up by detailed checks carried out by our intelligence analysts, and inadequate or suspect performance were notified to the client within minutes in every case, allowing swift remedial action, normally the suspension from duty of below par personnel. Collateral information on general risks identified was also passed to the client.


The Olympic Games passed off without incident, and the client was grateful that they had been given at short notice and reasonable cost a very effective reinforcement to their own hard-worked teams. Recommendations in our detailed post operation report are being incorporated into client and provider Standing Operating Procedures.