Why use AI?

Our staff

- the best of a very special breed, with training, experience, determination and a great work ethic.

Our approach

- flexible and innovative, while maintaining AI standard. Tailor-made for each client but very systematic, giving certainty of case resolution.

Our proven track record and results

- with significant reduction in claims costs.

Evidential standard

- cases are investigated and reported to a standard admissible in prosecutions.

Speed and certainty of response

- 48 hour response time. 80% case recommendation in 5 working days.

Discretion, speed and deterrent effect.

- especially effective against organized fraudsters.

Unrivalled value for money and return on expenditure.

- with highly competitive rates and easily quantified returns.


- our processes are adaptable to all kinds and scale of assignments, from the large and complex to the small and relatively straightforward